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CommunityAuthentic Parenting

Decrease theseizures, improve therelationshipwith your child, find thejoywithin your home. 

Join my parent community and learn the tools and strategies for lasting results. 



Find joy, understanding, deep CONNECTION with your child.

Stop yelling all the time....

No longer wake up in the morning with a ball in your stomach or the fear of what awaits you with your child...

Find the PLEASURE of being together...

Help your child develop emotional RESILIENCE and open up to their potential. 

This scenario may seem too good to be true, but I firmly believe that it is accessible to EVERY family, including yours. It doesn't matter what situation you are in.

No matter the break in your relationship, there is always HOPE to find thecalm, thepeaceand thehappiness.

You have already read many books,

Following many tips,  therapies or training

But nothing changes permanently

Punishments, consequences, rewards, dietary supplements had almost no effect. 

No one prepares us for the difficulties of parenthood, especially when the child presents particularities(sensory disorder, behavioral disorder, developmental delay, trauma, etc.) .


Yet it is our most fundamental task.


  There is nothing more painful than feelingresentment, fromdespairorincapacity  when it comes to your parent ID. 


I know it as well as you, I went through it too; wondering sometimes, in my darkest moments, why on earth I chose to be a parent if it was to see myself fail so miserably.


  Maybe you havethe impression that your child is ruining your lifebecause it behaves in a waydestructive or dangerousand you feel scared or out of control.

I created this community to help you regain confidence and hope by guiding you to   new ideas and techniques that will help you better understand yourself and your child, so that you can have a more peaceful and connected relationship. 

Don't be left alone in your distress.  Studies show that in community we heal faster, we recover more quickly and we collectively find hope. 


Mutual aid, support, empathy, presence are the vehicles of change. 

maria long_edited.jpg

I am Maria Bachiri, mother of 3 children,  naturopath specialized in Greco-Arabic medicine, functional nutritionist, and practitioner in rapid transformation therapy. 

Behavioral disorders in children fascinate me  because I have been confronted with them with my children.

I followed the "classic" techniques which only made the situation worse, until I started to listen to my instincts which guided me towards more child-friendly holistic therapies.

This path has taken me years and I am still learning.

I want to share it with you today, save you time, and teach you what actually WORKS.

I have developed a unique program which is a synthesis of my various training, numerous readings and my personal and professional experience, and which gives REAL RESULTS, lasting!


What is it about

- 8 Weeks of coaching in a small group, once a week for 90 minutes by videoconference.(A replay will be available if you cannot attend the Live)

- A (small) preparatory lesson before our group session.

- In Live session, discussions, questions and exchanges, des somatic experiences, meditation, hypnosis.

- A private Facebook group to find parents like you to support each other, ask your questions. I will be active on this group to answer your questions. 

- You get 50% off for individual sessions(sessions to be booked within 6 months from the start date of the program.)

- BONUS LESSON: Video lesson on the effects of sugar on children's health and behavior + delicious healthy recipes tested and approved by children + Lesson summary + PDF on healthy sugar alternatives, the differences and how to use them + lesson video to learn how to read labels and unmask hidden sugars. COURSE VALUE €120 for you for free if you join the program. 

* Recording of sessions and courses will be available to view online for 1 year. 


Step 1

Connection with Self

I gently guide you,  à  connect to yourself, learn to regulate your emotions, heal your childhood wounds, cultivate compassion and self love.

Understanding your temperament and attachment style. 

Step 3

Control l'environment 

Understand the environmental factors that can stress your child:

 Rhythm, schedule, sleep, exercise, diet, family stress, school ect.


2nd step

Connection with your child 

I help you understand your child, his temperament, how to create a strong bond, a connection, know how to receive his emotions, strengthen communication, understand the underlying causes behind his anger, and how to become an emotional coach for your child._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Step 4

Respectful discipline

I teach you through examples and practical cases how to adopt a respectful and benevolent discipline through the 5Cs: Connection, co-regulation, cooperation, choice, consequences. 


From July 21, 2022 to September 8 2022

Every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. (UTC+2) 

The price of this program does not reflect its value. It's a first launch and a unique opportunity for you to have it at such a price. You can read my individual session testimonials here

If you have any questions about the program email me at or book a free 20 minute phone sessionhere. 

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Registrations Closed

Contact me at to be put on the waiting list for the next program

Scholarship Application

If you need financial assistance for this program send me an email at I reserve a few places in my program for scholarship applications if you have financial difficulties or  low income. I don't want your financial situation to be an obstacle to accessing this information which can change your life and that of your child. 

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