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To understandThe causeDeep behind the crisesAnger, ofAggressiveness, and D'Objection  With your child

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What you will learn during this webinar:

1. Why the various techniques and therapies you have undertaken have not lastingly improved your child's behavior.

2. Understand your child better anddecipher the root causesbehind his anger, fits of rage, opposition and violence.


3. What it takesESPECIALLY not to dowhen your child is in crisis(this contradicts what you have heard or read, and maybe even what someprofessionals  told you to do).


4. The 1stTHING to do when your child is having a seizure.


5. How to create/reconnect deepand sustainable.


6. If thediet impacts behaviorof your child.


7. How your history/childhood may impact your child's behavior.


8. That it is possible to find joy, understanding, HOPE,  whatever the situation or the end of your child's violence 



What you are about to learn has these foundations in les latest neuroscience research, brain neuroplasticity, attachment theory, polyvag theoryale and knowledgeancestral  oriental medicines. 

Your child only wants one thing:


To be connected to yourself and to others, but first to be connected to yourself. I will teach you in this webinar how youto regain,Actuallyandsustainably

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Who I am

My name is Maria Bachiri and I am a Naturopath specializing in Greco-Arabic Medicine (Tibb), Functional Nutritionist (FNLP), and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) practitioner. 

Behavioral disorders in children fascinate me  because I have been confronted with them with my children. Anxiety and anger attacks, opposition, aggressiveness and even violence. Driven by my determination, I moved heaven and earth to understand and above all to find SOLUTIONS. 

I followed the "classic" techniques which only made the situation worse, until I started to listen to my instincts. Something was wrong, no, really not and I was going straight into the wall. I let my instinct guide me towards holistic and more child-friendly therapies.


This path has taken me years and I am still learning. I want to share it with you today, save you time, and teach you what actually WORKS. I have developed a unique program of its kind which is a synthesis of all that I have learned from my various training and my experience. 

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